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Our Products

About us

ION MOS is a family owned company supplying ingredients to food processing plants. The company was established in 1992 in Bucharest and we are now active in 20 countries. In Romania we have 3 plants for dry blends ( one of them specialized for Halal products ), one for liquids, an application center to support the r&d activity as well as ato logistic system. There are 130 employees and the yearly turnover is 23 million Euro.

Research and development

The application center in Bucharest is well equipped to produce a variety of food applications .

There are 8 people working in the R&D to deliver various solutions based on the customer's needs .


The company is focusing on 3 main events :

  • INDAGRA - Bucharest
  • IFFA - Frankfurt
  • PROSWEETS - Cologne

Other exhibitions are organized in co-operation with local partners.