The salt of the earth…


Designed for any application, with high quality raw materials, Ion Mos Seasonings bring the real taste of nature to your product. Our dedicated R&D team is ready to create the taste of your dreams.
All the ingredients are chosen wisely to achieve the best quality for the right price.

Our product range covers all desired products:

  • Natural flavors
  • Natural colors
  • No artificial taste enhancers formulations
  • Clean label products

Cheese seasoning

With or without real cheese powder content, ION MOS cheese Seasoning will meet all your requests.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Cheese Seasoning, Type Cheddar 99005 Mild Cheddar cheese - 5% cheese powder
2Cheese Seasoning, Type mature Cheddar 99010 Mild Cheddar cheese - 5% cheese powder
3Premium cheese Seasoning, Type Cheddar 99018 Intense Cheddar cheese taste - clean label, 15% cheese powder
4Cheese Seasoning, Type Emmental 99008 Emmental - 5% cheese powder
5Cheese Seasoning, Type Kashkaval 99009Mild Kashkaval - 5% cheese powder
6Cheese Seasoning, Type light smoked Kashkaval 99012Mild Kashkaval with fine smoke taste - 5% cheese powder
7Cheese Seasoning, Type mature Kashkaval 99013Mature Kashkaval - 5% cheese powder
8Cheese Seasoning, Type smoked mature Kashkaval 99014Mature Kashkaval with intense smoke taste - 5% cheese powder
9Cheese Seasoning, Type Processed cheese 99006Processed cheese with milk and butter note - 5% cheese powder
10Cheese Seasoning, Type mild Parmesan 99011Mild Parmesan - 5% cheese powder
11Cheese Seasoning, Type mature Parmesan 99007 Mature Parmesan - 5% cheese powder
12Cheese Seasoning, Type Gouda 99015 Gouda cheese - 5% cheese powder
13Cheese Seasoning, Type Quattro Formaggi 99016 Mixture of different types of cheese - 5% cheese powder
14Cheese Seasoning, Type Nacho cheese LC 96057 Mild cheese with spices notes
15Cheese Seasoning, Type Nacho cheese 99017 Mild & mature cheese with spicy notes - 5% cheese powder
16Premium Cheese Seasoning, Type Nacho cheese 95054 Mild cheese with mixture of spices and vegetable

Tomato & Ketchup seasoning

From the sweet tomato taste to the ketchup taste, ION MOS seasonings bring authenticity to your product.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Sweet tomato Seasoning 99042 Sweet tomato
2Tomato & basil Seasoning 99043 Tomato and basil
3Tomato & chilli Seasoning 99047 Sweet tomato and chilli; mild hot
4Tomato Chili A 1 Seasoning92054 Intense tomato with chilli note aftertaste
5Sweet ketchup Seasoning 99045 Sweet tomato, with spices and herbs
6Mild ketchup Seasoning 99044 Tomato and spices
7Italian ketchup Seasoning 99046 Sweet tomato and italian herbs
8Chilli ketchup Seasoning 99048 Sweet tomato, with spices and herbs; intense hot

Pizza seasoning

No matter what type of pizza you like, you will find the perfect taste you are searching for in our product range.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Pizza Seasoning, Type Romana 99019Sweet tomato, herbs and onion, with fine cheese taste
2Pizza Seasoning, Type Napoli 99020 Sweet tomato, herbs and onion, with intense cheese taste
3Pizza Seasoning, Type Margherita 99021 Sweet tomato, herbs, onion and cheese - with cheese powder
4Pizza Seasoning, Type Prosciutto 99022 Sweet tomato, herbs, onion, cheese and ham
5Pizza Seasoning, Type Prosciutto e Funghi 99023 Sweet tomato, herbs, onion, mushrooms, cheese and ham
6Pizza Seasoning, Type Capriciosa 99024 Tomato, cheese and herbs, with cooked ham aftertaste
7Pizza Seasoning, Type Calzone 99025 Sweet tomato, herbs, onion, cheese and meat, with fine mushrooms aftertaste
8Pizza Seasoning, Type Salsiccia 99026 Tomato, onion, meat and herbs

Paprika seasoning

From wisely selected raw materials we have obtained the authentic taste of sweet paprika.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Bell pepper Seasoning 99032 Bell pepper
2Spicy bell pepper Seasoning 99033 Bell pepper and spices
3Smoked bell pepper Seasoning 99034 Bell pepper and spices, with fine smoke taste
4Paprika Seasoning 99037 Cooked paprika
5Paprika Seasoning (natural flavouring) CL5 6601368 Sweet paprika (natural flavours, no artificial taste enhancers)
6Spicy paprika Seasoning 99035Cooked sweet, spicy paprika
7Paprika & garlic Seasoning 99041Sweet paprika and fresh garlic
8Smoked paprika Seasoning 99036 Cooked, smoked sweet paprika
9Sweet chilli Seasoning 99038 Chilli, mild hot ()
10Chilli Seasoning99039 Chilli, medium hot
11Hot chilli Seasoning 99040 Chilli, intense hot
12Chilli Super Hot Seasoning 96050Chilli, super hot
13Chilli extreme hot Seasoning6601556Chilli Extreme hot


You choose the taste and we will make the seasoning for your product.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Onion Seasoning 99087 Fresh onion
2Garlic Seasoning 99088 Fresh garlic
3Black pepper Seasoning 99051 Salt and black pepper

Cream & sour cream seasoning

With or without real cream powder, Ion Mos seasonings have the right taste balance to obtain great products.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Cream Seasoning 99029 Fermented cream, with milk note
2Sour cream and mushroom Seasoning 99086Sour cream and mushroom
3Sour cream and fine herbs Seasoning 6601578Sour cream and herbs
4Sour cream and herbs Seasoning 6601551 Sour cream and garden herbs
5Onion and cream Seasoning 99031 Onion and sour cream
6Sour cream and onion Seasoning 99028Sour cream, with fine fresh onion taste
7Sour cream and garlic Seasoning 99030Sour cream and fresh garlic
8Sour cream and black pepper Seasoning 6601576 Sour cream and black pepper
9Sour cream and chilli Seasoning 6601577 Sour cream and chilli, medium hot

Chicken seasoning

From Boiled Chicken taste to Grilled Chicken, Ion Mos seasonings are the optimal choice for tasty products.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Chicken meat 99053Chicken meat and spices
2Boiled chicken meat 99054Boiled chicken meat, light fatty note
3Chicken meat CW 99056Cooked white meat, with spices (chicken ham)
4Chicken breast 99057Light roasted chicken breast
5Light roasted chicken meat99055Light roasted chicken meat
6Roasted chicken meat 99059 Roasted chicken meat
7Fried chicken meat 99058 Fried chicken meat, with spices
8Chicken grill 99061 Chicken meat and spices, with fine grill taste, meaty note
9Grilled chicken meat 99060 Chicken meat and spices, with intense grill taste
10Grilled chicken breast 99062Chicken breast and spices, with grill taste
11Hot grilled chicken meat 99063Chicken meat and spices, with fine grill taste, medium hot

Meat seasoning

Ion Mos Meat Seasonings are suitable for all snack foods (including chips, pop-corn, nuts, crackers and extruded snacks).

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Fried meat Seasoning 99080 Fried meat
2Smoked meat Seasoning 99081 Smoked meat
3Fried smoked meat Seasoning 99082 Fried smoked meat
4Grilled meat seasoning, Type Mici (Cevapcici) 99068Mici (grilled meat, spices)
5Barbeque Shaslik Seasoning 96044 Grilled Meat and vegetables
6Barbeque Seasoning 99083 Grilled meat and spices, with light fatty note
7Grilled meat Seasoning 99084 Grilled meat and spices, intense grill taste
8Hot Barbeque Seasoning 99085Grilled meat and spices; medium hot

Bacon & Ham seasoning

We concentrate our Know-how to obtain seasonings with a great taste profile.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Ham Seasoning, type Prague 99078 Prague ham (boiled meat with spices, intense meaty)
2Ham Seasoning 99067 Ham, with spices
3Smoked ham Seasoning 99079 Smoked ham
4Smoked bacon Seasoning 99064 Smoked fatty bacon
5Smoked meaty bacon Seasoning 99065 Smoked meaty bacon
6Smoked bacon & spices Seasoning 99066 Smoked meaty bacon, with spices
7Spicy smoked bacon Seasoning 99069 Smoked bacon, with spices


Choose the taste and Ion Mos seasoning will help you obtain the eat-the-whole-bag effect.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Sausage Seasoning, Type Sibiu 99070 Sibiu sausage
2Sausage Seasoning, Type Pepperoni 99071 Pepperoni sausage
3Sausage Seasoning, Type Bratwurst 99072 Bratwurst sausage
4Sausage Seasoning, Type Salami 99074 Salami sausages
5Sausage Seasoning, Type spiced Cervelat 99073 Cervelat sausage, intense spices note
6Sausage Seasoning, Type meaty Cervelat 99075Cervelat sausage, meaty note
7Sausage Seasoning, Type German 99076 German sausage
8Sausages Seasoning, Type Kabanosy99077 Meat, fat and spices
9Sausages Seasoning, Type Hunter's 6601317 Meat and spices
10Sausages Seasoning, Type Italian 6601322 Meat, spices and herbs

Fish and sea food

Ion Mos R&D scientists will adapt any seasoning formula to your product, machinery and technology.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Shrimps Seasoning 6601814Shrimp
2Red caviar Seasoning 6601533Red caviar
3Crab Seasoning 6601524 Boiled crab
4Crab, meaty note, Seasoning 6601525 Boiled crab, meaty note
5Poached crab Seasoning 6601526 Poached crab
6Fish Seasoning 6601527 Fried fish
7White Fish Seasoning 97036White fish meat
8Tuna fish (natural flavouring) Seasoning 97037 Tuna fish
9Salmon (natural flavouring) Seasoning 6601531 Salmon
10Smoked salmon (natural flavouring) Seasoning 6601532 Smoked salmon

World kitchen tastes

Ion Mos seasonings will help you discover the World of tastes.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Sweet mustard Seasoning 99049 Sweet mustard
2Hot mustard Seasoning 99050 Hot mustard
3Vinegar Seasoning 99052 Salty and sour
4Cooked mushrooms Seasoning 6601535 Cooked mushroom
5Wasabi Seasoning 6601521 Wasabi, mild hot
6Hot wasabi Seasoning 6601522 Wasabi, medium hot
7Intense hot wasabi Seasoning 6601523 Wasabi, intense hot

Sweet seasoning

Ion Mos Sweet Seasonings have the right balanced taste profile for a perfect synergy with your product.

No.Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
1Vanilla seasoning 6601423 Milky vanilla taste
2Condensed milk Seasoning 6601625Sweet milk with caramel aftertaste
3Caramel Seasoning 6601622 Sweet, brown sugar taste
4Honey Seasoning 6601623 Sweet light honey taste, with fine floral notes aftertaste
5Toffee Seasoning 6601817 Condensed milk, caramel and cream note
6Coconut Seasoning 6601833Sweet, coconut milk taste
7Yoghurt Seasoning 6601830Sour, fresh yoghurt
Chocolate Seasoning 6601842 Milk chocolate
Coffee Seasoning 6601840 Intense coffee taste, Jacobs type
Tiramisu Seasoning 6601836Characteristic, with coffee aftertaste
Apple Seasoning 6601428Fresh apple, type Granny Smith
Strawberry Seasoning 6601426Fresh, fruity strawberry
Raspberry Seasoning6601816Fresh fruity raspberry note
Forest fruit Seasoning 6601427 Fresh, fruity forest Fruit
Blackberry Seasoning 6601835 Fresh, fruity note
Cranberry Seasoning 6601832 Fresh fruit
Peach Seasoning, 6601819 Fresh juicy taste, natural flavour
Lemon seasoning 6601429Fresh lemon Juice taste
Orange Seasoning 6601839Fresh fruity note
Mango Seasoning 6601838Fresh, juicy mango