The salt of the earth…

Food safety and Quality Control

Microbiology: Enterobacteriaceae, E Coli, NTG, Sulfite-reducing bacteria, Coagulase, Positive Staphylococcus, Yeasts and Moulds.

Physico-chemical analysis: texture analysis (gel strengths and elasticity), granulometry (MESH analysis), loose on drying, total ash and acid insoluble ashes, pH,volatile oil content, fat content, protein content, titrimetric determinations (total sugars, reducing sugars, salt content and assay for all the food additives), spectrophotometry (piperine content, capsaicin content, phosphorus pentoxide, nitrites, ASTA colour, carminic acid, norbixin, oxidation status of hemoglobin,etc), viscometry and rheometry, HPLC